Business Activities

Business Activities

Survey, Design and Core Management

  • Telenor Myanmar Yangon metro Design with Eager Team.
  • Yangon Traffic Control System core management and Redundancy Topology
    • Other ISPs Backbone (AGB,Frontiir)
    • Bank Network(Yoma Bank)
  • Other Interior Building Solution( Seingayhar Shopping Malls ,Gadamar whole sale and Junction City).
  • Yadanarpon Teleport FTTX project

Fiber Network Installation (Quick and Stable)

  • FTTH Customer Sites Installation & Maintenance/Services
  • OLT Network Installation
  • OTN Network Maintenance
  • Cabinet and ODB Installation
  • Last Mile Project Erection & Cable Laying & Termination

Operation and Maintenance Fiber Network(24/7)

  • Preventing ,Patrolling and Standby optical cable and Maintain TML and OML Duct Fiber and Fix(Including Standby 4 teams 24/7 (Splicing, Testing and Replace fiber, Civil work for fault)
  • TML and OML Sites Maintain and CR activity and OSS Team Stand By(24/7)
  • Small cell projects for Non-Coverage areas(Experience(56 Small cell in Downtown) For Telenor Project
  • Small cell and IBS project in Big Building (Experience(6 Seingayhar Supermarkets ,Gadamarwholesale and Ruby Mart for Telenor ) and Junction City for Yadanarpon Teleport
  • Connect new Fiber nodes for Commissioning(more than 100 Sites for two operators)
  • Many Change Request Night Time Activities with Official Procedure(Together with Transports Team ,NOC and Ground Teams)

Telecom Turnkey Project Implementation

TI Installation and Commissioning

  1. BTS Installation and Commissioning, Integrations, 2G,3G,4G, LTE
  2. Microwave Installation and Commissioning
  3. Power Solution Installation and Commissioning and Maintenance
  4. Fuel Supply and Refueling Service

Working Experience of Device

  • NSN Device _ 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE Installation & Commissioning
  • Ericsson Device _ LTE & Multi Sectors
  • Huawei & ZTE Devices _ Full Turnkey Project for MPT
  • Installation for BTS, Microwave, Power, DG & Solar
  • Tower Sharing, Multi Sectors & LTE
  • NEC Device _ Installation for BTS, Fiber, Microwave (Mytel)

Provided Under-Ground Duct and Direct Buried Fiber Laying Services

  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Delivery and Transportation to sites
  • Equipment and Material Supply
  • Site Survey, Site Acquisition, Contract & Permit Application
  • Network Planning and Optimization
  • Right Of Way ( Compensation for land owner)
  • Pole Erection
  • Trenching and fiber laying
  • Testing, commissioning and Splicing
  • First Line Maintenance

Fiber Lying and Splicing

OTB Installation

OTDR Record