Our Profile


MKTN Co.,Ltd was built in 2015 but registered in October 2016. MKTN is organizing with expert engineers. Previously working partner of MKTN are MPT, Yatanarpon Teleport Public, Eager, MIH, TM, Horizon, Campana, Frontiir , Telenor, iGTL, Hauwei,GTMH, AGB, Yoma Bank.

Our company has been successfully finished many FTTH projects by MPT, Yatanarpon Teleport Public Company Limited, Horizon, Campana, and Frontiir Company Limited.

We specialize in Telecom Turnkey Project Implementation, GSM NetworkExpansion, BTS Operations Maintenance Management, LTE1800 & TI Installation & Commissioning.

Our managements are also strong in turn-key telecom implementations.

Your Success is Our Responsibility

Our Vision

  • Build Trust
  • Best Communication
  • Making a Better tomorrow than today

Our Values

  • Team works
  • Continuous improvement
  • Getting Quality the first timey
  • Open, Honest and Respect for each other

Our Mission

  • To Provide and Develop Innovative and High Quality Services and Solution which offer the best value to our customers



Human Resource Structure

Human Resource Structure

SchoolingNumber Of PersonPercentage
MBA 2 0.97%
Master 5 2.42%
BE 50 24.15%
Technician 75 36.23%
High school 50 24.15%
Others 25 12.08%

Safety First

Safety First

Safety First

  • MKTN follows and restricts HSE policy regarding to zero injury and zero accident at working places.
  • Conduct regular training and education for HSE.
  • PPE Presence for all workers.
  • Take care for any potential unsafe conditions.
  • On-site HSE performance audit.

Safety Management Procedure

  • Company Rules
  • Purpose of showing short videos
  • Showing short videos for Health and Safety to accept in their minds (15minutes)
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Safety Definition
  • Tool Box Meeting
  • Awareness of using PPE(Personal Protective Equipment)
  • Hierarch of Control
  • Old concept and New concept for H&S
  • Showing short videos for Health and Safety to accept in their minds (15minutes)

EHS Monitoring Process

  • Quality & EHS Manager, all team leaders and team members must be involved at office checking physically.
  • Quality & EHS Manager, Document controllers, all team leaders and team members must be involved for remotely checking.

Same process of flow chart will proceed for the inspection whatever physically at office or remotely at sites which will share by online applications.